0843 Auto Attendent

IVR Auto Attendent

IVR Auto Attendant

Virtual Receptionist

Manage all the Inbound calls into your business with an IVR Auto Attendent Service, Set the service to suite your business needs and give that all important first impression of a professional organisation, if your business is already established or if you are a simple ‘One Man Band’ who is on the road all day, the IVR Auto Attendent will answer and direct your calls 24/7 no matter what.

The Auto Attendent can be tailored as simple or complex as you business requires, allowing you to add multi level menu options as you need and route the calls accordingly, with each option having its own Calling Plan.

Audio can be applied on many stages of the service so the caller is directed and notified of the options available, the Audio can be uploaded via a Professionally Recorded WAV File, Recorded by the user via a Dial-In-Service or via our iPhone App which records and plays with Audio HD quality. We also have a large library of Professionally Pre-Recorded messages covering all options which are free for you to chose from and attach to your plan.

Example of a ‘Simple’ IVR Auto Attendent

“Thank you for calling XYZ Business”

Please Press 1 for Sales – Call Routed to a Sales Team or a Mobile Number
Press 2 for Accounts – Call Routed to the Accounts Team or a Mobile Number
Press 3 for Service – Call Routed to the Service Team or a Mobile Number
or Press 4 if you have a General Enquiry – Call Routed to a Customer Service Team or a Mobile Number

All options can route to 1 Single geographic 01 or 02 Number to 1 Single Mobile Number.

Example of a ‘Complex’ IVR Auto Attendent

Please Press 1 for Sales;
* Please Press 1 for New Sales
* Press 2 for an Existing Order
* Press 3 for International Sales
Press 2 for Accounts;
* Please Press 1 To Make a Payment
* Press 2 to speak with Credit Control
Press 3 for Service
* Please Press 1 for Service Control
* Press 2 for On Site Maintenance
or Press 4 if you have a General Enquiry

The IVR Auto Attendent can be built and manage for business of all shapes and sizes and from any business sector, call our Sales Team on 0843 216 7400 for further information.